“Look Back”

The goal of this segment is for you to understand the five questions at the beginning of a Discovery Bible Study. The questions will help start the gathering with conversation by sharing each other’s joys and concerns. They will also help to bring up the needs of the disciples as well as their friends’ needs. These questions establish a biblical mindset from the outset: prayer, ministering, accountability to one another in love.

I. Three Questions for the First Discovery Bible Study

  1. What are you thankful for? (Looking over the past week, they’ll see that there are many reasons for thankfulness).
  2. What are you concerned about and how can we as a group help you in this? (Through this they’ll find out about the cares and needs of each other).
  3. What needs do your friends have, that we could help with or pray for? (Their attention is directed to the needs of others).

*There are a total of 5 questions in the “Look Back” section. The two other questions will be added for the second gathering, because they are linked to the application at the end of every Discovery Bible Study.

Respond to these questions in the comments section below. If you are doing this training with a team then share your answers with each other.

Important Tips:

  • If the answers are superficial during the first Discovery Bible Studies, most likely they will become deeper and more specific as time goes on.
  • If one person speaks way more than the others, the leader will need to help that person see the need for the time to be equally shared by the whole group.
  • When the group has formed close relationships, you might ask someone to keep track of time and announce the order of who is next to answer questions.
  • Believers often feel moved to pray after these questions. A Discovery Bible Study with believers it is not uncommon to pray several times during the meeting.