Scripture Speaks about the Role of Prayer and the Holy Spirit in the process of Multiplying Disciples

The goal of this segment – by delving into the study of passages from the book of Acts, we learn about the role of prayer and the Holy Spirit.

The Christians of the early Church were very successful in multiplying disciples and churches. They turned the world around them “upside down” with the Gospel. Even their opponents noticed this. What made them so successful? When reading the book of Acts, we cannot help but notice that they were defined by passionate purposeful prayer and constant interaction with the Holy Spirit. Many understand that the main things in the process of multiplying disciples are prayer and the participation of the Holy Spirit. However, unfortunately, this is often gets the least attention during ministry. The process of multiplying disciples is not a formula, nor some sort of steps in a program done so that we see disciples multiplied. This is the work of God!

Together, let’s think of the process of multiplying disciples as the action of God! Multiplication – this is not something we do, but God!

Read the following scriptures and write down what you have learned about the role of prayer and of the Holy Spirit.

In the comment section below, write 2-3 things that stood out to you!

If you are doing this in a group: make sure to share with one another what you are learning.

You can see in these Scripture passages the huge role of prayer in the lives of Jesus’ disciples in the early Church. People asked God for direction in prayer. Prayer is a way to receive understanding and direction for what to do, how to do it, and where to go. Through prayer God worked miracles. Prayer was a way of life. Through prayer, God made known His will about who he had chosen for which ministries. Whenever these passages talk about multiplication of disciples and churches, prayer and fasting are always mentioned.

It has been said: “The absence of prayer is a declaration of independence from God. Therefore, the more I pray, the more I acknowledge my dependence on God, and I acknowledge that it is God’s work. If I pray less, then I am saying that this is my work.

Spend a few minutes reflecting on the following questions:

  • What does my prayer life look like?
  • How does it show my dependence on God?
  • Is prayer a natural, inseparable part of my life?
  • What would I like to change or improve in my life?

Pray and listen to what God desires you to turn your attention to. Maybe God is speaking to your heart for you to do something, so that you can see disciples and churches raised up and multiply around you. This won’t happen if you won’t devote yourself and sacrifice yourself to prayer.

Write down what you have heard from God.