Searching for New Contacts

The goal of this segment is to help you believe that it’s easy to start new relationships with unbelieving people. Many believers lose their relationships with unbelievers within a year after their conversation; therefore, it is important to help them rebuild those relationships.

I. Always Say “YES”

Quite often we get an offer to go somewhere: go to a concert, play pool, go to a fitness club, visit a parents’ meeting, attend a funeral and so on.

Most often we answer “no.” We don’t want to change our daily schedule; we are reluctant to change our personal habits. Learn to say “YES” and go where you are invited. You will find new people there with whom you can possibly enter in a new relationship.

In the comment section below, answer the following questions:

  • What did Jesus do in this situation?
  • Why did Jesus do that?
  • Whom did you refuse over the last few weeks?
  • Why did you make this choice?

II. Be Ready to Stop and Minister

Most of the miracles in the life of Jesus were unforeseen and unplanned. They were spontaneous, because He was always ready to set aside whatever He was doing and perform a miracle.

Read the passages below and observe Jesus’ spontaneity:

  • Mark 2:1-12
  • Mark 5:22-24
  • John 2:1-11

Jesus healed the man that let down from the roof during the service. He went to the house of Jair, but stopped along the way to help a woman suffering from internal bleeding. He went to a wedding to relax, but turned water into wine because His mother asked Him to. After every such occasion entire families, household and communities turned to God.

In the comment section below, answer the following questions:

  • Share more examples of Jesus spontaneously stopped and performed miracles.
  • Share you own examples of how you spontaneously have given your attention to people and ministered to them in their need.

III. Start Talking with People on the Street

As believers, “light of the world,” we need to show initiative – to be the first to greet people on the street and begin a causal conversation. You should not always evangelize right away, but just learn to talk about topics that may interest people on the street, such as the weather, sports, family, or life in general.

IV. Intentionally Enter a New Community

Perhaps you used to be an athlete or were interested in art, or were into music or studied language, etc. Find people who doing this today and join them.

Write down the spheres of society where you can go to find new acquaintances.

V. Hold an Event to Gather Unbelieving People

This is not about evangelism within the doors of a church. The even is directed at building new relationships with unbelieving people. It is possible to enter a new community either by simply joining a previously existing one, or by holding an event to create something. In either case, whether entering into a new community or holding a new event, your goal is to form new relationship.

Here are several examples:

  • Create a sports club
  • Family-style or extreme games
  • Fishing
  • A medical checkup