Work with Scripture

Work with Scripture

The goal of this segment is to get will acquainted with the Bible passage – the foundation for the main part of the disciple multiplication process diagram and to see how the process of multiplying disciples works in practice.


Step 1: Read the passages below. You might want to read these passages a few times using different Bible translations. Read it a few times and make sure that you remember what it says.

  • Matthew 9:35-10:15
  • Luke 10:1-11
  • Matthew 28:19-20

Step 2: Close your Bibles and , in your own words, retell as much as you can remember from the text.

Step 3: Fill out this table for each passage on a piece of paper.

Step 4: In the comments section below write out lessons that you have learned and what does this mean for the modern world?

If you are doing this assignment in a group:

  • Take turns sharing the discoveries of your group from second column. Going around in a circle, have each group read one new thrush they’ve discovered while researching the above passages. Do not repeat the same thoughts.